Product/Business Name
Ecoexist Trust

Category/Type of Product
Conservation NGO, partnering with community based Elephant Aware entrepreneurs

Location (Town/City & Country)
Okavango – Botswana

Ecoexist Trust is a small not-for-profit NGO that was founded in 2013 by a multi-disciplinary team in Botswana. Our mission is to support the lives and livelihoods of people who share space with elephants while considering the needs of elephants and their habitats. Ecoexist takes a holistic approach to find practical, affordable, effective and lasting ways for people and elephants to coexist, ultimately, providing a model for conservation.
Elephants needs are similar to humans, we all require space, food and water. In a place of heightened competition for these resources, we strive to find ways for people and elephants to share space by ensuring they are available to both. We address the needs for people to be safe, food secure and gain benefits from living with elephants, while ensuring critical habitat security for elephants.
We work on the ground and at policy level to create an enabling environment for coexistence. Awareness and education are key for long-term success of our efforts, and all our activities are monitored through research, providing evidence to inform policy and improving our knowledge of the issue.
Ecoexist relies on donations and grants from our supporters and partners for all the work that we do. Every donation goes directly towards finding ways for people and elephants to coexist.

We have an office in Maun and a headquarters in Eretsha.

Suitable for FIT

Suitable for groups up to 12 pax or more

Culture/Nature/Community Aspect?
Yes – A large portion of the work that we do at Ecoexist aims to support people living alongside elephants. Villages throughout northern Botswana share space and resources with elephants. We partner with a number of community based entrepreneurs in the eastern Okavango Delta Panhandle, to improve benefits coming back to people from living with elephants.
Visitors are welcome to visit the eastern Okavango Panhandle and book a tour with the “Life With Elephants” Tour Group in Eretsha to learn what it is like to live with the largest population of elephants in the world! You can purchase gifts and curios, which are all elephant aware from the Seronga Elephant Aware Craft Shop and Yikote Weavers, and visit the Kapatura Creative Arts Group to learn how to make paper from elephant dung! It is also possible to meet someone from Ecoexist to learn more about the work of this conservation NGO and to gain an understanding of how farming can be elephant aware.

Sustainability Aspect?

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Anna Songhurst


Nicholas Tucker

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  • +267 686 5083