TFCAs in the SADC Context

Southern African Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs) were founded on the realisation that natural resources straddling boundaries between SADC destinations are shared assets with substantial potential to meaningfully contribute to regional integration, biodiversity conservation, the preservation of wildlife, and the socio-economic development of rural communities living in and around them.

There are 18 TFCAs in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in both terrestrial and marine environments at various stages of development. Their configuration varies from those that are Transfrontier Parks (TP) that include two or more adjacent and protected areas like Kalagadi Transfrontier Park, to those that include a complexity of land-uses such as communal land, concession areas and protected areas like Kavango-Zambezi TFCA.

SADC TFCAs are home to impressive natural and cultural attractions such as Kruger and Chobe National Parks, the Fish River Canyon, the Okavango Delta, the Victoria Falls, and the Lubombo and Maloti-Drakensberg Mountain Ranges. There is also a strong geographical overlap between SADC TFCAs and inscribed World Heritage Sites. This means that many TFCA tourism destinations have a wealth of nature, wildlife and cultural heritage experiences on offer, creating a strong basis for the development of authentic tourism products and experiences that are multi-country, multi-faceted and unique to the Southern African region.

What is Boundless Southern Africa?

Boundless is a regional market development initiative that promotes Southern Africa’s TFCAs as tourism and investment destinations on national, regional and international scale.

Our objectives:

  • Expand the TFCA tourism marketing drive
  • Support the development and growth of innovative cross-border tourism routes, itineraries and experiences in TFCAs
  • Support the development and growth of cross-border or transboundary events in TFCAs
  • Profile TFCA investment opportunities

Who we work with:

  • National Tourism Organisations
  • Tourism Ministries
  • SADC Secretariat
  • Destination marketing and management organisations
  • Private Sector Operators
  • International Cooperation Partners
  • Civil society organisations